Our Podiatrists

We only employ senior, experienced, approachable Podiatrists and offer longer consults than most clinics,  to comprehensively assess and treat your foot and related problems.

We treat all foot and related lower limb conditions in patients of all ages. This includes general foot-care and advice, ingrown toenail treatment and surgical correction, treatment of foot and related leg injuries/pain/deformities, insoles, orthotics and footwear.

We specialise in the correction of abnormal foot and leg alignment / posture using orthoses, correct footwear, exercise therapy, taping, education and medical liaison.

Our Podiatrists are registered with AHPRA and active members of the Australian Podiatry Association. They regularly participate in continuing professional education, to ensure the treatment you receive is consistent with current best practice.

Our services

  • Treatment of all foot and ankle problems
  • Foot and leg alignment and gait assessments
  • Correction of abnormal gait, foot & leg posture
  • Orthotics/insoles, all types
  • Footwear assessments
  • Stretching and exercise programs
  • Referral for x-ray or ultrasound
  • Diabetic foot assessment/care, neurovascular testing

Footwear Store

    We stock a range of comfort and orthotic-friendly footwear, for women and men. Our store is open to the public so come in and try on some shoes! See our footwear page for more information.
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